Wood Garage Doors

A garage door gives an appearance and value to your property, so before choosing a garage door for your house, be careful and open-minded. Your garage doors also give your personality impression on people that visits your house. Wood garage doors are said to be the most attractive doors that give your house a royal and antique look. Wood garage doors are so unique and decent that people usually choose them for their properties. With the beauty of your garage door, the protection of your house also matters. Be sure that the company you are calling for your Wood garage doors, should be professional and should give you strong and proper garage door services. If you are looking for a professional wooden garage door service, then Gate Los Angeles Wood garage door services are all you need. Gate Los Angeles has hired all the licensed and professional workers that will give you all the garage door services with their complete attention.

Wood garage doors
Wood garage doors

How we work

Gate Los Angeles also offers wooden garage door installation services. Gate Los Angeles has all the styles available for your garage including solid panel, carriage style, raised panel style, doors with windows style, and many more. The wood that Gate Los Angeles uses in installation service is 100% pure and guaranteed. Wood that we use includes plywood, white Oak, red Oak, alder, cedar, and other strong woods. Other wooden garage door services that Gate Los Angeles presents includes wooden garage doors repairing service. We repair door motors, door sensors, locks, springs, and other components. If your wood garage door is all dominated by pests and termites then Gate Los Angeles professional team will apply different chemicals and liquids to control pests. Then our team will give your door proper coverage of pest resistance paint. Gate Los Angeles also replaces the parts of your damaged garage door if needed. We have all the solutions for all kinds of Wood garage doors.

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