Swing gates repair company in Los Angeles

The swing gate secures your home and belongings. If you want to keep your family or commercial space safe it is best to have a durable gate. When there is a problem with your gate it is best to get it repaired at the right time.  We at LA Gates and garage doors will help you deal with all kinds of repairs at an affordable rate. Our company offers high quality gates in case you need to replace one. Your gate is used a lot every day and it is prone to wear and tear. No matter what the problem, we are here to help.

Repair of broken springs

We are proud to offer a wide range of swing door repair services in Los Angeles. If your gate is damaged it can be a threat to the entire property. You can get a new door replaced or installed if the gate has become too old. We will work with you and detect the gate issue instantly. It depends on the condition of your door while we look for a suitable repair option. Broken spring is a major issue in most of the gates. It is a common cause for the gate to not work properly. You shouldn’t attempt to repair the gate on your own. Count on us to get the best repair services.

We can deal with all types of swing gates repair

There are various types of swing gates available. However, we can deal with all the brands of gates easily and efficiently. If your door is unable to work properly we offer top notch repair services at affordable rates. We have a good experience in dealing with all types of garage systems. If this isn’t enough we have the expertise to remove the old gate without damaging any part of it.

  • Improper hinge installation
  • Rust and paint issues
  • Electric lock not engaging
  • Remote not working
  • Sensors out of order
  • Gate tracks installed incorrectly
  • Worn out components
  • Missing lock mounts
  • Weather damage
  • Rusted gate frames
  • Motor not functioning
  • Loud functioning of the motor
  • Control box damaged and much more 

We know the list of the issues continues and so do our extended range of services.

 Top graded services:

 Within a short time, you will have your swing gate repaired by the best swing gates repair company in Los Angeles. We have high-quality replacement parts and get the repair services done readily. You can easily be dependable for all types of swing gates issues. Just give LA Gates and Garage Doors a call and our experts will be there right on time to deliver you trusted services.


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